How To Pass Time During Traffic

We’ve all been there. Stopped traffic. No signs of moving any faster or traffic thinning out. Contemplating whether or not you should skip traffic on the shoulder like everyone else. Just sitting there complaining and just hoping it’ll get better gets old really quick, so how do you turn over an hour long traffic jam into just a short stop? Here are some quick tips to pass the time quicker during traffic.

First off, don’t stress yourself out if all you can see ahead is just a plethora of vehicles that seems to never end. Play some of your favorite music to alleviate any of that stress, and simply take the situation as it is. If you think you’re going to be in for the long haul, try picking out an interesting podcast or audiobook that will span the duration of your stay on the road. This is a good way to a) pass the time quickly and b) enrich yourself with new knowledge. Not a fan of podcasts? Try doing something creative like playing a car game. This is especially useful if you’re carpooling or road tripping with friends. Come up with scenarios about people you see in different cars or play a license plate game. You can even jam out with a karaoke session (entertaining with a group of people or solo). If none of that interests you, you can just daydream about somewhere you’d rather be--somewhere with no traffic preferably.

If at some point in your endeavor in traffic you find something wrong with your vehicle or hear any weird noise, swing by Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa, TX to receive top service and get your vehicle ready to take on any future traffic jams.


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