When Was The Last Time You Changed Your Transmission Fluid?

Changing your transmission fluid isn’t as simple as an oil change. As a result, many of us drive far too long on fluid that should’ve been flushed a long time ago. At Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa, TX our goal is to keep your car on the road - changing the transmission fluid is a huge part of that.

Transmissions are sensitive, precise pieces of equipment. In good shape they’re extremely durable and long lasting, but a grain of sand in the wrong place is all it takes to irreversibly damage one. Your transmission fluid not only lubricates moving parts - it provides pressure that controls shifting, allows the clutches to operate correctly, and keeps everything in good shape and going strong. If it begins to break down, build up, or becomes contaminated, it stops doing its job. When this is the case, transmission failure becomes imminent.

The single most effective thing you can do to keep your transmission in good shape is to have it flushed and service at the intervals your mechanic recommends. In many cases, the manufacturer recommended intervals aren’t enough; the condition of the vehicle, the conditions you drive in, and the way the vehicle is used have a lot to do with how often fluid should be changed.

Keep your transmission going long and shifting strong, by keeping it maintained the right way, every time.

No matter your repair or maintenance needs, our technicians have you covered. For the best transmission service shop in Odessa, TX, call or stop by Permian Basin Transmission, Inc today.


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