How Seasonal Issues Affect Your Transmission

Your transmission is acting different – when you drive the same car every day you can just tell. Is it a cause for concern, or could it simply be the weather? Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa has the answers.

Certainly, some of the first symptoms of transmission failure are late shifting, failure to shift, or slippage between gears and into drive or reverse before the car, truck, or SUV has warmed up. These conditions should be taken seriously, but do you necessarily have a problem?

Transmissions are affected by extreme temperatures, hot or cold. Cold weather in particular has a tendency to exacerbate existing issues – on more well-travelled vehicles, it isn’t uncommon for the transmission to struggle a bit while the fluid is cold and extra viscous. While this isn’t ideal and should still be looked into, know that the cold weather may be playing a part in your problem, and consider warming the vehicle up a bit before driving.

In modern vehicles, computer systems control nearly every aspect of a vehicle’s operation. These systems adjust automatically for driving in different conditions, including seasonal differences. If your transmission simply feels different, but isn’t necessarily displaying problematic symptoms, it may just be your car’s computer system doing its job.

If you notice a peculiarity in the way your car shifts and drives, don’t hesitate to have one of our technicians provide you with an expert opinion. For the best transmission service shop in Odessa, call or stop by Permian Basin Transmission, Inc today.



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