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I had my transmission rebuilt 14 months ago and I haven't had any issues with it at all. I have put over 4000 miles with work. I recommend that nayone who needs transmission work use these guys. -Zach B

Difference Between Transmission Flush Or Fluid Change

Many seasoned drivers already know that you should have you automatic transmission serviced on a regular basis. And most longtime car owners know that transmission service includes dropping the pan, replacing the filter, and replacing a few quarts of oil. But there is another type of service sometimes called a fluid exchange. This service involves pumping nearly all of the old transmission fluids out and then replacing them with new fluid. Though most centers don't include dropping the pan or replacing the filter. So which is better, a transmission flush or fluid change? The best answer is actually a combination of the two. During both of these services the technician brings the car in and drops the pan. This gives him a chance to examine any debris in the sump, so the condition of the transmission can be evaluated and replaced. Once the pan is reinstalled they move on to the fluid exchange service, which is better than the old-style service because it replaces more of the old, worn out fluid. Giving your transmission better protection with a new filter and new fluid. You can ask for this complete transmission service procedure at any local automotive garage's, who will understand the benefits of checking the sump and replacing the filter. There's also a good chance that by performing this service regularly once every couple of years you'll never need major transmission repairs. 

Can Transmission Service Fix Slipping?

Is your transmission slipping? There is a chance that a transmission service will fix the problem. But there are no guarantees, this is because the oil in your car's transmission does play a role in how well the clutches hold. And over time the oil can begin to wear out. Though changing the oil won't help if the clutches are worn out. Once that happens the only option is to rebuild the transmission. There's almost no way to be sure whether changing the oil will save your transmission or just waste your money. But your local Auto body shop can help you to improve these odds, by performing thorough road tests, dropping the pan to examine the transmission's condition, and using a complete computer scan. These will help pinpoint the problem at hand and get you back on the road. In many cases all you'll need is a simple repair. Because today's transmissions are tied into the rest of the vehicle's systems a simple inexpensive sensor repair may correct what seemed to be the problem. 

When To Flush The Transmission

Transmission service performed properly by qualified transmission technicians will never damage an automatic transmission. Though some believe that a service to your transmission will ruin it. This is because of some type of cause-and-effect between transmission flush and transmission failing. The two often seem to occur at about the same time. This is because far too many car owners only consider having transmissions serviced after they've noticed a problem with its performance. At this point the transmission is already damaged, so they're hoping to fix the problems with a transmission service. A transmission service is a maintenance job that's supposed to be done while the transmission is working properly to avoid later problems. Though depending on what's causing the problem transmission service can sometimes save the transmission. The best way to avoid the damage caused by fluid shear is to ahve the fluid changed regularly, before you notice a problem with the transmission's operation. Once you start to feel a problem it may be too late.

All Your Transmission Needs

At Permian Basin Transmission we will take care of any and all of your transmission needs. We have a full team of expert transmission technicians that can find out whatever may be wrong with your transmission and have it fixed in no time. We can also install and replace any make or model vehicle. We offer complete transmission service, factory replacements, transmission repair and rebuilds and vehicle diagnostics. For all your Transmission needs trust Permian Basin Transmission Inc. 

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