Can’t any automotive shop service my transmission?

At Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa, our technicians are transmission specialists. But what sets our service apart from general automotive shops that boast they do it all, including transmission repair?

The fact is, transmissions are highly complicated and intricate machines. While any mechanic can learn the basics and get by on rudimentary knowledge, this is one of those areas where a professional touch truly is necessary. Transmission experts take years, even decades to perfect their knowledge and ability in the realm of transmission diagnosis and repair, focusing solely on the inner workings of transmissions. Transmissions are complex and sensitive pieces of equipment – one wrong move or misdiagnoses, and even a freshly rebuilt transmission can end up back in the shop in no time, with you footing the bill.

Our technicians have the expertise required to ensure your transmission is always receiving the procedures and attention to detail necessary to keep it in tune and shifting smooth. When you hire our specialists, you’re also receiving peace of mind, knowing you won’t be back in the shop with another huge repair bill anytime soon. When it comes to transmission maintenance and repair, always go with the best in the business.

For all your transmission repair and maintenance needs, we’ve got your back. To take advantage of the best transmission service shop in Odessa, no matter what type of car, truck, or SUV you drive, call or stop by Permian Basin Transmission, Inc today.



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