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Transmission Shop serving residents of Odessa, Midland, Andrews, Abilene Texas. We are your full service transmission experts in Odessa, TX! If it shifts in a car or truck you can depend on the fact that we have worked on it, know all about it and can repair, do maintenance on it, or remanufacture the transmission on it. From classic cars to performance transmissions we have seen them all here at Permian Basin Transmission Inc.

For your transmission repair needs we invite you to stop by the shop and let our team of experts diagnose and fix the problem in no time while you sit and relax! We also offer a number of products for your transmission that will keep it running efficiently.

Family owned Permian Basin Transmission Inc. is a locally operated and family owned transmission automotive business. We have been providing our transmission services and products to the Odessa community for over 33 years!

If you aren't regularly checking these, your vehicle isn't being maintained.

Oil and Oil Filters

Oil filters should be changed every other oil change.

Tire Rotations

Tires need to be rotated every 7,500 miles on average.


Regularly checking your brakes could save your life.

Vehicle Facts


Americans drive just over 10,000 miles annually.
That means that, if they get their oil changed every 3,000 miles, there are nearly 900 million oil changes every year! 
Windshield wipers were invented by a woman
6 Fluids you need to check!

Survey Statistics

Millions of roadside breakdowns could be avoided with preventative maintenance.
Million calls for roadside assistance
% accidents caused by mechanical failure
Million Americans delaying maintenance
Miles in the lifetime of a set of tires
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