How To Jump Start Your Vehicle

At Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa, TX, we like to keep your car, truck, or SUV ready for the road ahead. Jump starting a car might not have much to do with your transmission...but it’s nice knowledge to have anyway.

If you have a dead battery, just follow this procedure. Be cautious of moving parts, and parts that will be moving once the vehicle is started.

With the hoods open on both vehicles, you’re ready to get going.
- Locate both batteries
- On the dead battery, attach the positive (red) lead to the terminal with a red marking or + symbol. Be sure the leads on the other end of the cable aren’t touching before going any further.
- Attach the negative (black) lead to a sturdy ground, such as a piece of bare metal on the car.   Often, the alternator bracket makes a good attach point. If there aren’t any, you can use the negative battery terminal.
- Follow the same procedure on the other vehicle - if the engine isn’t already running, start it now. Be careful not to let the leads touch one another.
- Wait a couple minutes, then give yours a try. It should start right up!
- Disconnect the jumper cables with the same rules you used to attach them, in reverse order.

Keep in mind that some batteries aren’t readily accessible. If not, there will be a terminal marked red, or POSITIVE, somewhere under the hood - this is the acting positive battery terminal. On a select few cars, the battery is in the trunk...consult your manual for jump points and battery location.

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