At Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa, we know that a key aspect of taking care of your transmission is understanding how it works. Here’s some info on transmission fluid types, in case you’re having trouble finding yours. 

Your transmission fluid type can be located either on the transmission fluid dipstick, or in your owner’s manual. However, if you drive an older vehicle, it’s likely that the fluid type specified for your vehicle is no longer in production. Your dipstick may say “Use only Dexron II Transmission Fluid” or something of the like, causing you to doubt putting anything else into your transmission. 


Using the correct fluid is extremely important. You can’t simply put whatever fluid you find in there. However, in the example of Dexron II, Mercon III, etc., there’s a simple solution. Your dipstick specifies an earlier version of transmission fluid, that was current at the time...if it isn’t manufactured anymore, it’s because it has been replaced with an updated version. These updated versions work in new vehicles, as well as older models. For example, it isn’t wise to put Dexron III in a vehicle that specifies Dexron VI, but you can put Dexron VI in any vehicle that specifies an earlier version of Dexron 


Many modern transmission fluids are advertised as almost universal automatic transmission fluids. As long as your specified fluid is listed on the bottle as a brand the universal fluid replaces, you’re probably fine, but you might as well use the exact replacement for your transmission if you can. Most bottles have compatible vehicles listed on the back. 


If you have transmission questions or concerns, and for any of your other transmission maintenance and repair needs, our expert mechanics have you covered. We supply quality parts and excellent customer service, and can accommodate any make or model. For the best transmission service shop in Odessa, call or stop by Permian Basin Transmission, Inc today. 


Thank you for visiting Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa, TX, where we are known as the transmission experts who can keep your car, truck, suv, or van on the roads longer and safer here in Odessa, Midland, Andrews, Abilene Texas!

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