Starter issues don’t necessarily indicate a bad starter; sometimes a transmission related issue is at fault. If you are experiencing starter difficulties, Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa has the information you need.

Manual transmissions are durable, reliable pieces of equipment. Still, sometimes problems arise. Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa has the answer to a question that plagues many manual transmissions; why does my transmission pop out of gear?

If you drive a car with a manual transmission, you already know you have a clutch. But what exactly is it, and what does it do? At Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa, we believe that knowing a little more about your car better prepares you to keep it maintained. Here’s what you should know about your clutch disc.

If you drive a car, truck, or SUV with a manual transmission, the pressure plate is an integral part of your vehicle. From Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa, here’s what you need to know.

While not technically a part of your transmission, wheel bearings are an essential component to the driveline in any car, truck, or SUV. Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa is here with the information you need regarding wheel bearings, and how they affect your transmission.

Does your car, truck, or SUV shift at the wrong moment? Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa has the solution.

Transmissions are full of gaskets and seals, since they rely on hydraulic pressure and fluid to operate. However, there are main seals which insulate the input and output shafts from the outside world, that are more prone to failure than the rest, and easy to diagnose. If you’ve noticed leaking transmission fluid from under your automatic car, truck, or SUV, Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa has the answers you need.

Transmissions, like engines, are a major component of your vehicle, and very expensive to replace. Transmissions often go out for very preventable reasons, and sometimes replacing one can be troublesome and expensive enough that it’s not even worth doing, depending on the vehicle. With the right maintenance, most transmissions are extremely reliable; it simply boils down to how well a transmission is cared for. Follow these tips to make your transmission last as long as possible, courtesy of Permian Basin Transmission, Inc in Odessa.

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